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Muslim Chat Up Lines

Muslim Chat Up Lines


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I just met you, and this is crazy,

but here’s my walis number, so call me, maybe?

Him: I don’t want to lower my gaze for you any more. We have 2 options, we get married or you can leave. Her: *runs away* #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Your face has so much Noor… I can use you as a torch. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

The imam recommended i approach a suitable girl with confidence. So give your number init? #MuslimChatUpFails

Him: Your niqab really brings out your eyes. Her: You don’t say. #ForNiqabi #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Can you smell that? It’s my attar, imported just for you…from China. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Salam, you seem like a really nice sister and i am interested in marrying you. By the way, are you a legal citizen? My visa is running out. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Call your wali for me so I can…crap I forgot how the rest of this line goes…sorry *blush*. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

You can complete half my deen. The other half is the tough part though… #MuslimChatUpFails

This world is a test, lets pass it together. I havent revised much though.. #MuslimChatUpFails

Do you wanna date? Sorry I finished the whole box. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Him: You look like a little piece of Jannah. Her: You’re stepping a little closer to Jahannam. #MuslimChatUpFails

You’re the prettiest hijabi I’ve ever seen…can I have your wali’s fax number? #MuslimChatUpFAILS

That noor on your face really brings out your unibrow. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

I want to wake you up for Fajr, assuming my alarm wakes me up… #MuslimChatUpFails

You’ve been doing Tawaf in my mind all day. Feel kinda dizzy now. #MuslimChatUpFails

When do you have to be back in Jannah? My mum said i have to be home by 7pm. #MuslimChatUpFails

I can easily pay for your dowry…I’m paypal verified. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Give me your wali’s number…you’re not getting any younger. #MuslimChatUpFAILS

Can you give my number to your Wali please. I don’t have much credits. #MuslimChatUpFails

I don’t need to spend hours on anymore. #MuslimChatUpFails

Him: you are the reason Hijab was mandated for women. Her: you are the reason lowering your gaze was mandated for men. #MuslimChatUpFails

I had to fast everyday since i first saw you. I’ve lost so much weight! #MuslimChatUpFails

You remind me of what Ahmed Bukhatir was singing about in his nasheed ‘Zawjati’. I checked it on Google Translate. #MuslimChatUpFails

I am going to do istikhara for you. Hopefully i get a good sign! Unlike the last 4 times… #MuslimChatUpFails

I dont want to lower my gaze for you, but i guess i have to. #MuslimChatUpFails

Which school of thought do you follow? Coz in school i just thought about you. I got a C+. #MuslimChatUpFails

How much is your dowry? If you gotta ask, you can’t afford it. #MuslimChatUpFails

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