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EA releases stunning new trailer for FIFA 13

EA releases stunning new trailer for FIFA 13

After a long-running campaign on their EA Sports FIFA Facebook page, fans finally got a look at the latest improvements to one of the most successful franchises in sport.

Followers of the game certainly haven’t been let down,

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with new cover star Lionel Messi again the star of the show, beating Real Madrid defenders and chipping Iker Casillas in the opening sequence.

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A look at some of the new features for this year’s game follow, with Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain a regular as the trailer progresses.

Unpredictable touches, touch tackling and silky skills follow, with a brief glimpse of Tim Cahill in his New York Red Bulls shirt as an additional touch for fans in both American and Australia.

Improved attacking intelligence, as well as a look at the slick new interface, will also get the pulses racing for football fans who can’t wait for the game to be released on the 28th September in Europe (25th in North America).

Skill games have also been added in what looks to be a new training feature for gamers to improve their skills, whilst one-touch control and complete dribbling remain key features of the game.

A closing shot of Messi celebrating concludes the trailer, and makers EA Sports will certainly be in that kind of mood if the real thing can match these first glimpses of the game.

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