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15 Best Muslim Rage Tweets

15 Best Muslim Rage Tweets

Newsweek’s new cover screams “MUSLIM RAGE”,

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an article about last week’s protests against the recent low budget, tacky and quite offensive film (for Muslims) about Prophet Muhammad.

Obviously producing offensive cartoons, films plus the invasion of their lands for natural resources (ahum oil) would annoy some people.

Anyways back to Newsweek, who’s been struggling with the recent drop in readership. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a well-known anti-Islam activist is the author of this “MUSLIM RAGE” article, she’s suddenly an expert at telling the west how to stop these rage.

To be honest generalising 1.57 billion Muslims by seeing few hundred people burning some flags and holding placard doesn’t only make her stupid but also idiotic. The Twitter users obviously isn’t thick or judgmental as maybe newsweek, daily mail or fox news audience and they’ve came up with some hilariously #MuslimRage (trending topic) funny tweets. Here are some of my favourites:

And this is what I think: